Sunday, May 24, 2015

Young Author Portfolios and Celebration

This week we held our Young Author Celebration.  This has been a tradition for our school.  It is held during the school day.  We invite people from our city, county, and surrounding area as well as parents to come join us in celebrating our students as authors. 

In first grade, students create an eBook.  We do an animal research investigation and each student creates an eBook from the research.  While our guests are in our room, each student plays their eBook and stands at the front of the room.
(The next few pictures are from parents)
Students make eBooks on their own inserting text and pictures and then recording a voice over too.  We use keynote on macbooks. 

The disks on their desks have the all the picture slideshows and each students' eBook for them to keep!

As you'd expect, the students are VERY EXCITED! It is such fun!
Parents texted me these pictures to share since I didn't have a chance to take pictures.

Once the presentations are finished,  students share their writing from the year with their families during this time too.

Here are a few pictures of what is on the desks from our year.
School beginnings writing saved from the first week
All About Me flip up book

What makes a sentence

Veterans Day Writing

Writing Center Writing  I didn't keep ALL their daily writing, but I did keep some where I felt that the student had shown growth or that it was special in some way.

Daily writer's workshop lessons
(Engaging writing vol. 3 paper shown- Student preferred)

Special science and social studies lessons were also saved.  Many times science and social studies was the inspiration for our writing.  It all fit together so I wanted to keep it as a large portfolio of different avenues of writing.
                   Winter Art and Writing                                                   Graph Pack

Fish Writing

Acrostic Rainbow Namebows hung proudly on the windows

To make the writing folders I just kept it simple.  I wanted each student to be the big focus!
I took a picture of each student and printed it full size.  Then I used 12 by 18 black Astrobrights paper.  I folded it and just created a very simple folder.  The student work went inside in order.

The students helped me arrange the work once it was all passed out to them.  There were such adorable moments where they remembered past projects and writings.  I saw some trying to erase and fix but I stopped them and explained that they have grown tremendously and that it is ok to leave those old mistakes alone. 

As far as seeing the process of writing, I kept certain writings out of this because we are supposed to keep a district portfolio for each student.  In this portfolio, there must be work that has been through the entire writing process.  Those pieces are not shown in any of these pictures. 

Each grade level focused on different ways to share their students' writing.

The second grade team had a Rockin' Reading and Writing Cafe where the entire group was decked out in in fifties attire including students.   The students had a menu of their writing from appetizer to dessert.  Absolutely adorable!!!! I wish I would have been able to get more pictures.

Our district enjoyed a Friday off and we still have 7 more days with our students. 
On Friday while at home, I received our gifts for parent volunteers in the mail.  We are so excited!  Aren't they cute?  I found them HERE.

  Our little tags will read:  Thanks for "hanging in there" with all our copy needs! I'll be making those tags after I finish this post! 

Have a terrific week!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Birthday Sale!

Today is a special day for me!  I'm celebrating with a sale!
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