Thursday, July 24, 2014

Math Concepts Galore! Day 10

My son helped me make number bond hula hoops out of dollar store pool noodles and hula hoops.  A team mate of mine made these last year and I waited impatiently for these items to return to the dollar store!

As we do our morning work students have to complete a partially finished number bond.  Having this big class sized manipulative makes it such an easy concept to master!  Students can physically move the pieces.  {I will only place as many noodle pieces on the hoop as the whole number we are working with.} 

7 and 3 make 10
  1.  Step One, cut a pool noodle into pieces.  You can get 20 from one noodle.  It cuts like butter. No teeth gritting styrofoam nightmares.

Step 2, cut a slit in each noodle piece in order to be able to put it on the hula hoop.

Step 3, Make your number bond hoop with as many noodle pieces as you are ready to study.

Tada!  You are ready to make that abstract concept EASY for your students to understand!

Today for Day 10 of Christmas in July, I am featuring A Teacher's Math Resource Units 1-9.

I use these units to help anchor instruction for both the students and myself!  I have a little math wall pictured below.  It's black with shapes on it in this picture.  Each time we had a new unit of study in math I would put up our essential questions, big ideas, math vocab and teaching posters.  

Here are some examples of the anchor charts and teaching posters
{Keep this one by your math tubs all year!}

Double Whammy!  
Showing the concept AND placing the sum at the front of the equation so I can have a great mini-lesson about balancing across the equal sign.  

 This is one that we do with large manipulatives. I keep a tub of random koosh balls and small stuffed animals as large manipulatives.   I throw a heap of critters down and ask the students to tell me how many.  They just look at me strangely.  Then I place a hula hoop down on the rug and have them place ten critters in the hula hoop.  We count the ten and the extras.  This is one of the ways I explain the importance of making a group of ten. 

 When we are using manipulatives to help us read the comparison symbols...

 Here's a peek at my math wall at different times.

 There are 9 total units to complete the year of math standards.  I teach in Texas so two of the units include time, coins, and financial literacy.

To see if this is something for you, I have the first unit FREE in my shop.

All the units are on sale today for Christmas in July! 

I bundled the first six, but not the last three.  {awkward...I know}

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Day 8 ELA Units

What better to follow up math units, than ELA?  Today I am featuring my literacy units for Christmas in July!

 Here are some literacy centers from my picnic pals literacy unit

 Yum, sight word sandwiches!

 Rake up sight words around the room

 Links to Literacy Units

Monday, July 21, 2014

Math Journals! Day 7

Last year we kept a math journal for guided math.  It began as a district requirement.  Which you and I both know equals a giant stress knot in the top left shoulder blade for you and for me.  I took this unknown math journal component and toyed with it in the Fall.  By January math journal had my students hooked and I was in love!

I decided to use math journal as a rotation in guided math.

Math Warm-Up
Math Whole Group Lesson
Guided Math Rotations:
Teacher Table
Math Journal
Computer Math Games
Math Centers
iPad Math
Clean Gather Reflect

Here we are doing our first week of math journal activities back in September.  You can see behind this group there are kids playing math center games.  I also have kids at my teacher table, but I stepped away to check on my journal kids.  Looks like they don't need me!!!  Victory!

By midyear we were experts I tell you...{at least in our own little room}
 Each monthly journal packet focuses on some of the same spiraled skills and some skills more in depth for that time of  math development.  Through the year all the math standards are covered and spiraled.

Here's the Christmas in July Sale item!  ALL MATH JOURNALS

 To make life easy, I linked up each monthly journal for you.

 Here is a bundle of the first semester

 The second half of the year, students are more journal savvy and this is where it gets really fun!

Here is a bundle of the second semester of math journals
 If you haven't tried incorporating a math journal into the mix, I highly recommend it!  To see more posts about math journaling look for the math journal label on the right under labels. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Math Centers on Day 6!

We are halfway through the Christmas in July Sale and I am so excited because it is time to get into those math units that I love so dearly!

Each year I tend to focus on a certain area more than others and last year that focus was certainly in math.
I launched into guided math whole hardheartedly and never looked back!  I love hands on math and I feel that without it students miss out on so much!

I have math centers for every month{and then some} but I also have some units that focus on one particular math concept. 

Some special math units not in a bundle:

I love to start my small group math out with this unit.  The games and printables are easy and interactive.  Students are successful.  I am able to get them into math centers on these pretty quickly after introducing them.

These math stick games are ongoing and versatile.  You can write any numbers or equations on the sticks so they are perfect to use from the first day to the last day of school.  Students can't get enough of pulling sticks from a can.  These 10 games are well loved in my room!

Around November, I bring out these games and my students love the use of all the manipulatives!

I have 4 fraction activities that involve shoes, candy, and student names! 

This measurement unit

 This coin unit was possibly our favorite unit during the Spring.  Oh goodness! 

This video I took shows how we play in small group while learning!   

With my spiraled review concepts I created monthly math center units to keep things fun and fresh.  These are perfect for adding interest to spiraled review concepts.  Seasonal clip art keeps the students motivated to play! 

You can buy each of these separately or grab the bundle

This game is from the first set in the bundle

Are you ready to get to get those math tubs in order?!

Tomorrow I will feature another component of guided math!