Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hallway Behavior Management Tip #25DaysofColor

Do your kids naturally SHINE in the hallway?   Yeah mine either...  Unless of course I have laid the groundwork to get them excited about traveling through the campus!  No seriously it can be fun manageable er um....successful!  

Each letter in the word shine stands for an expectation in the hallway.  If students receive a compliment from a passerby on campus while traveling around the school, they earn a star.  These stars can hang in a special place in the room, or even down from the door frame.  What does it mean to shine?
As soon as students earn all 5 compliments they get a free privilege of your choice!  Some ideas as privileges are using markers on an assignment, taking shoes off for a lesson, a read aloud outside on the grass, and 10 minutes of sidewalk chalk on black butcher paper in the room. 

I would love for you to share your favorite free motivators!

I used Vulcan Green to make these 3D stars.  Because they are different than the usual flat star or piece of clip art, they are special.  It is kind of a big deal to earn them!

My 14 year old daughter made the stars for me as I took photos.  I will explain the steps but I also took a video of her making one so you can really see it. 
Make a circle of any size on the paper. (1) Using a compass is easiest but not necessary.  Once the circle is made keep the compass in tact and make equidistant tick marks around the circle. (2) It should make 6 tick marks no matter the size of your circle.  Just keep moving the compass around the circle by picking up one side and swinging it around to mark the circle. (3,4,5,6) Once all your tick marks are made around the circle, take a ruler and draw a triangle using every other tick mark (7,8) Then make a second triangle with the 3 remaining tick marks (9) Tada!  You made a star.  Now cut out your fabulous star (10,11) Next, make 3 folds opposite points around the star (12) Flip the star over (13) Make three more folds with two points up for each fold (14) When this is finished you will have a 3D star! 

Here's a time lapse video of my daughter making a star. 

 Stars made with Vulcan Green, Lunar Blue, and Terrestrial Teal by Astrobrights

Shine on! 

Friday, July 24, 2015

Creating Classroom Community #25DaysofColor

I have been impatiently waiting for my turn to share my color addiction with you! 

I love to use Astrobrights colors to make learning a more fun and impactful experience!  Color draws attention, imprints the brain, and stimulates creativity!  When used with intention, color can transform a space!

In this post, I am using Lunar Blue to add a pop of interest while also building classroom community!   I love the calming effect that Lunar Blue has against the stark clean black!  It is light and airy drawing attention to the sweet little faces that make this classroom buzz with learning!

Decorating the room with pictures of the students lets everyone know that this room belongs to all of us.  We are in this journey together.  Students are the most important part of the classroom.

 Below are the steps I used to create this community building pennant. 

String, twine, or yarn for hanging your pennant.  
Lunar Blue cardstock or paper cut into your favorite shape for a pennant
First Day Pictures cut into circles
Glue stick
Hot glue (optional for hanging) 
Your favorite bulletin border

 Step 1
Cut the paper into the pennant shapes of your choice and glue your student pictures to each one.

Step 2:
Turn your pennants over and tape the twine to the back at the top of the pennant.  The closer to the top the better.  I had to go back and adjust some of mine to make them all hang evenly.  

 Step 3:
Hot glue the end of the twine to the corner or edge of your bulletin board!

Place different numbers of students or lengths of pennants in the corners of your bulletin boards or make a long string of the entire class for a large classroom focus.  Add student names to your pennant if desired!

 Another idea:  Use the pennants as an adorable way to show student groups!
SO there ya have it!  I hope you found some color inspiration for your classroom's sweet little faces this school year!
 Check my facebook, insta, and pinterest boards for the next couple days for more classroom community ideas {and freebies} using two more of my favorite colors of Astrobrights papers!

But when is it YOUR TURN????? 

 Post your own project using Astrobrights Papers with the hashtags #25DaysofColor and
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the week!  I can't wait to see your ideas!

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Guided Math Whole Group to Small Group

At the very top of my to do list this summer was a big stack of past year's math lesson plans.  I was determined to transform them from the required unfriendly format into a complete set of whole group to small group detailed plans with the busy teacher in mind! Fun, detailed, teacher friendly, and complete with all lesson materials!  I just wrapped up the second unit of these plans and am excited to share!  You can catch the post on the first unit here if you missed it. 

Each unit that I am creating focuses on standards rather than seasonal activities.  I focused on full engagement in both the whole group and the small group activities. 

I just wrapped up unit 2 which focuses solely on the concepts needed to understand and apply addition and subtraction within 20. 

Each lesson in this unit  contains the following information with the activities for both your whole group and small group instruction:
Essential Question
Lesson Objective
Whole Group Lesson
Lesson Discussion Guide
Materials List
Small Group Lesson
Differentiated Lesson Ideas for Remediate, On Level, and Enrich

 There are 20 lessons in this unit.  One full month of instruction.  Of course if your students need to spend more than one day on a particular concept that is greatly encouraged!

The lesson materials are *mostly* black and white but as you can see in the cards above and below, I added some color when it was to the benefit of better understanding a concept.

 Just add manipulatives and you will have a complete rigorous and FUN set of lesson plans to fuel your passion for teaching! 
 The concepts covered in unit 2
Vocabulary for parts of a number sentence
Making Ten
Part part whole
Missing addend
Missing subtrahend
Number sentence matching a picture
Number sentence matching a math story
Problem solving
Balancing across the equal sign
Join, separate, compare
Commutative property of addition
Number line addition
Number line subtraction

 A Pacing Guide to the Units

  Unit One Number Sense                                         Unit 2 Addition and Subtraction

You can grab the bundle below. As of now it only contains the first two units.  As I add the units, you will download the new units from your purchases folder on teacherspayteachers.  
You receive a 20% discount when buying them all at once!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Hands-On Science!

I am happy to be on a team that is strong in integrating science.  It has been a priority to cover science standards while integrating reading, writing, and math. 

In fact, last year we made science our focus right from week one of school!  Here's a peek at what we did!

We each brought a big watermelon to school with us on the first day.  "Hey honey, don't forget your watermelon!"  

As students all came in to class the first day they see a watermelon.  On day two (or halfway through day one) the watermelon is missing.  Gone.  Right off the counter.  I make a scene.  I question students.  I get really sad because now we can't eat the watermelon that I had planned as a snack on Friday.  Cue the sudden interest and buy-in from students.  We decide to go on a watermelon hunt around the school.  (This is our school tour time)

My teammate made the cutest watermelon clue cards and set them around the building for all of first grade to share as we toured the school becoming familiar with places and procedures.  Our principal had our watermelon and a treat for us in her office.  Of course I have no pictures of any of this fun due to the fact that I was trying to herd my brand new first graders around the school in "number order".  This concept being new and very grown up was also very difficult for some which caused others to lose their little minds when the order wasn't perfect.  Yup.  It's coming folks.  Good times...

Once our watermelon was safely returned to our classroom, we introduced the scientific process.  Then we jump right in and try it out!  I am not going to apologize for my on the spot handwriting.  I am a lefty and I do my best...which is about a fifth grade level of handwriting.  Ok third grade tops.
 I carried a watermelon  Dirty Dancing

 Each day the first week we pose a new question about the watermelon and follow the scientific method to discover the answer.

Then on Friday we finally eat it.  (as we integrate science and math of course)
 Each student writes their prediction on pink and the actual number of seeds on green. 
To help us remember the scientific method I made these posters for our classroom.  This way I can remind myself to use the right terms consistently.

Once we finish up our watermelon science, we move right into apple science in September! 
We use our apple books during writing, math, and science.  The students are beaming with pride.  It is a great way to get them started in interactive notebooking too!

From apples we move on to pumpkins in October.  Each one of these folding science books takes us about two to two and a half weeks to complete.  Once we get through the pumpkin book, they have the formatting down and begin to really become independent with it.

This is the order that we taught these books in last year.

All of these units plus my other science units are on sale today for the last day of Christmas in July! 
Click any of the pictures in this post to see that item or click the picture below to see all of my science units.