Sunday, September 21, 2014

Prepping for Pumpkin Season

Please do not think for one second that I am already teaching about pumpkins!  I am just wrapping up apples and enjoying every second of it! 

This year I am really trying to stay on top of the prep and planning so I can actually relax a tiny bit and enjoy the lessons with the panic and stress levels at bay.  I pulled out my Fall and Pumpkin themed centers on Friday afternoon to check to see if they are complete and ready for another year of fun! 

These are some of the activities we did last year and I have ready to go again!

 Right now we are still working on number sense, fluency with numbers to ten, easy addition and subtraction concepts and number lines.  Soon we will start on number relationship strategies, fact families,  and tens and ones place value.
 Fall Math Centers

In preparation for October, I also went on amazon and ordered some new books!  I found some great titles that I didn't already have in my 18 years of collecting!  I also always keep a fresh stock of fun manipulatives for math centers and small group. Amazon recommended these little pumpkin erasers on the cheap so I grabbed them too!

What I am most excited about is that pumpkins will tie into our math, science, and writing! We will enjoy working through this Pumpkin science book full of 11 interactive activities.   We are just wrapping up the Apple Science Book

 The activities
Pumpkin Adjectives/Descriptions
5 Senses pumpkin Observations
How Tall is our pumpkin? Measuring with cubes
Circumference of our pumpkin measuring with a string shorter/longer
Sink or Float Experiment
Favorite pumpkin treat- seeds,pie, bread- Class Graph/Opinion Writing
How many seeds in our pumpkin?
Pumpkin Life Cycle
Blank Pumpkin Templates
Pumpkin Labeling (parts of a pumpkin)
Pumpkin Facts Writing/Discoveries

I loved that we did the experiments and graphing during science, but we also worked on our apple science during work on writing too! 
 work on writing

Now my students will be giddy to make a pumpkin portfolio of experiments, graphs, lessons, and writing!  There's some overlapping activities along with new pumpkin specific lessons too!

This unit by Tanja has great life cycle posters and writing lessons.

 Here's a few pictures of our pumpkin science from last year.  I have a set of lab coats for messy science!  I got the disposable lab coats on amazon here.  They are a dollar each!

We also made a fun venn  to help us with compare and contrast sentences.

Well I hope this helps give you plenty of time and ideas for your pumpkin planning!  I'm off to find some candy corn.  I can't plan for pumpkins without it. It just wouldn't be right!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Apples and Fall Happenings

This week we have gone all out in apples.   All our apple happenings are rooted in standards making our learning meaningful and FUN at the same time! 

In my last post I shared briefly about our APPLE SCIENCE plans for this week, but along with that I also wanted to keep our momentum in math while integrating apples!  Our math standard this week is composing and decomposing the number ten.
I created a little math pack for my class this week! 
Part of our fun was to take ten apple slices and get hands on with number bonds! 
You can snag these activities too for FREE on my facebook page freebie folder.  There are also math journal pages to go with the lessons too.  Just click the picture to head there.  Or wait till you read this post first!!! :)

 We are totally in love with our apple science!  Today these budding scientists did the taste test and graph of our favorite color apples.  They took it so seriously.  It was so precious.
 We incorporated apples into our reading response too!  Our comprehension focus has been on beginning middle and endings so today we brought it all together with a reading response book!  Once we have done this a time or two together in a guided practice setting, they will be able to choose a book and respond during guided reading workshop!

We got our special delivery class pet during writer's workshop last week and our little bobcat has already been on three home adventures!  The class voted and named him Buster.  He is in HOT demand right now and I am so excited that students can't wait to write!

...and on a personal note...we got a tiny little cold front at the end of last week so it pushed me to decorate for Fall over the weekend!  My house naturally lends itself to Fall decor with lots of browns and warm cozy colors to begin with so it's my favorite decor of the year. 
That cool Fall feeling quickly blew out of town and we are back in the nineties again...Oh well! 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Apples! Hands-On Science

Are you gearing up for apple science?  We began our apple learning this week, but will do the bulk of our investigations next week.

We are LOVING our math journals, so I decided to take that same interactive fun and apply it to our science too!

I gathered apples a plenty and pulled out my favorite apple books.  The students are definitely asking when they will be getting their hands on everything! 

 If you are looking for activities to add to your science journal or want to make an apple science book, just click the picture below!  I hope it is just what you need!  :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Classroom Clips and Quotes....Day 10

Please hold me. I'm starting to see the glimmer of hope for real life school routines while also still in repeat that one more time ok one more more time mode.    The reality of the FULL SCHOOL YEAR ahead is sinking in.  It's getting SO REAL up in here y'all.  Ok, no I don't really talk like that.  I'm hyped up on diet green tea right now.

So lately we have been doing all kinds of my favorite beginning of the year "stuff" while also picking up the structure of our normal day.  This week we go serious about short a.  Last week apparently was all fun and games. 

We have been doing our real word work routine this week using my short a cvc activities.  Total slam dunk!  "I love this miss tonsil!" insert toothless grin here. 

Back at my teacher table we have been working in small group on phonological awareness with short a cvc words.  Monday and Tuesday we rolled and tapped the sounds.  Wednesday we wrote the sounds in elkonin boxes when we landed while our friends sounded out with us.  Let's just say these cuties have got this down! 

Ok hit rewind....Here's something we started with for writing and I forgot to ever take pictures of it until today on my iphone.  Sorry for being tardy to the party.  I love reading Swimmy and Rainbow Fish as back to school stories.  This little project fits right in!  OFISHally writers!

 What's happening in math?  Well lots of hands-on basics!

 This week we dabbled in tally marks, numbers to twenty, number line, comparing numbers to 12, and subitizing.

 Mark and Sally Learn to Tally Unit paired with Tally O'Malley book
Small Group is all about number sense right now.  
More, less, how many?,  count up, count back, How many more?, What makes the number _____? 

This is my small group tub this week.  #keepin'itsimple

Math Tubs Peek!

    What's happening in our math journals?

 In science we made water walk using Kristen's experiment!  So cool!

The guided math rotation power point is keeping us on track! 

We use the reading one too of course! 

Early this week we finished off our self portrait writing.  It's something I blog about every year because it is one of my favorite ways to get students writing!

 Self Portrait Writing

 I am prepping for next week.  (We begin the prep on Wednesdays for the following week) and I pulled out my Fallin' For You unit.  I about died.  It was so old looking after only two years!  It got a complete  make over!  Be sure to get your updated version if you already have it.  I added new things while I was giving it a facelift.

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